Grizzly Victory Design
Graphic Design For The Music Industry




My name is Javier Del Pozo, a 26 year old graphic designer from San Luis Potosí, México.

Grizzly Victory is the name of my Freelance Graphic Design Project. I started Grizzly Victory to help local bands to look as professional as they could and by my capacities could. I always had a strong passion for music and art since I was a kid, I became a guitar player at the age of 11 and played in some bands since then, this opened me a few doors of the industry by knowing people envolved in it, this made me love music and everything around it.

I studied the Graphic Design career at Facultad Del Hábitat, Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí as a reflect of my passion for art, drawing and cartoons, and worked on two local Advertising Agencies at the same time. working on fields like advertising there and music industry on my own.

I started working for bands by 2011, creating logos, local show flyers and any kind of graphic design work that bands needed for free so I could gain experience about the industry. As days passed by, my work became better and better for the experience and learning. I always knew that music industry was my field because of the strong love and passion I had for it, so by 2016 I quit my job from advertising and worked full time for the music, clothing and entertainment industry.